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Spórok is the smallest locality in Kolonowskie commune and counts 667 of inhabitants. The settlement was founded in 1776 by then officer of earl, Mr Carmer, hence its original name – Carmerau. Current name Spórok can be connected with the story of the clearing forests to the needs of the country building. According to it, the trees were very “contentious”, it means hard and refractory and it caused that works by clearing lasted a whole year.  
Interesting can be the fact that in the past through this village was running the boundary between two counties – the older part of Spórok belonged to Opole county, and the new part – to Strzelce county.
Dominant role in economy of Spórok plays agriculture. The forest areas around the village belong to the Forest Inspectorate Strzelce Opolskie, while the majority of remaining forests in commune is managed by the Forest Inspectorate Zawadzkie. The members of the Catholic Church belong to parish in Krasiejów, but since 1982 the branch of church also has operated in Spórok.
Within Spórok operate: the fire brigade unit, sports club and a group of German Minority and also very active Group of the Country Renewal that is going to create a centre of agrotourism. In 2000 the inhabitants of the village opened the Bird’s Pond that is one of the most beautiful places in the commune.

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