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In year 1790 earl Filip Colonna, in place of Mendel’s mill that was located on the bank of river Mała Panew, built a furnace and nine houses for workmen and a farm for a host who possessed about 33 acres of ground. It was a beginning of the settlement called Vossowska. The name of this settlement comes from the surname of building master and royal adviser, engineer Voss. As in the case of Kolonowskie, the development of locality was strictly connected with heavy industry.
Fosowskie is distinguished by junction station. In years 1856-1858 the railway line Opole-Tarnowskie Góry was built and in year 1868 the central station, the place for locomotives and workshop were built. And then following railway lines were opened: Fosowskie-Kluczbork-Wrocław (1868), Fosowskie-Lubliniec-Herby (1894), Fosowskie-Strzelce Opolskie (1912) and Fosowskie-Dobrodzień (1913). Unfortunately, because of transformation of PKP (Polish State Railways), its importance is not so high currently like earlier. In year 1908 a water tower was built and survived to this day. It used water at a depth to 260 metres. In year 1911 Fosowskie received electricity.
The centre of Fosowskie is the most urbanizated part of town, what is demonstrated by characteristic buildings. In Fosowskie is located primary school that was built in year 1957. The pre-school branch functions at this school. One of the most beautiful object is the Protestant Church located at parish cemetery of Staniszcze Wielkie and built in years 1928-1929 for the purposes of about 150 members of the church. Even nowadays there are hold services.
Society of Fosowskie is connected with parish in Staniszcze Wielkie. Some organizations also function within this territory – common parish Caritas and German Minority. The primary schools were integrated in one body. The independent fire brigade and enterprising skat’s club function also in Fosowskie.

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