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12 December 2011

Christmas in the Primary School in Kolonowskie

On 9-10 December 2011 almost 50 children and young people from the Czech Republic visited Kolonowskie. “Christmas traditions and customs” – action with the participation of the Czechs – this is the last stage of the project “Together through nature and traditions.”

The author of the whole “fuss” was this time the Public Primary School No. 1 in Kolonowskie. In the event participated of course also all the schools from the community of Kolonowskie.

In the program of the first day of visit were Nativity plays, prepared by primary school pupils from Kolonowskie, A Christmas Carol performed by parents and pupils of this school and bilingual multimedia presentation concerning Polish Christmas customs and traditions. The second part of the afternoon and evening was a festival of Christmas songs (there participated all Czech and Polish schools), and festive Christmas Eve.

Of course, there could not miss the visit of Santa Claus, together with angels and devils and the Christmas tree decorating. This time there were no beatings with rods – apparently the participants of the Czech-Polish projects are extremely polite :)

On the second day the Czech group and representatives of Polish schools visited the Public Primary School Staniszcze Małe-Spórok, ending in this way the action called “The bird around us”. During the meeting the result of joint work of all schools was presented – a multimedia presentation on the birds.

After visit Staniszcze Małe a group visited the Social Welfare Home in Zawadzkie, where gave its guests Christmas presents. Thanks to the favourable weather, the meal was prepared for the group on the bank of Mała Panew river. Additional attraction was a ride in a cart harnessed by a very friendly horse called Maciek.
And although all the project activities required a considerable commitment and a lot of work, no one felt the departure of the Czech group as a relief. Quite the contrary – tears welled up in eyes that it was over…

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