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Staniszcze Wielkie

Staniszcze Wielkie
The first mention about the existence of the settlement Staniszcze comes from the church register of religious duty from years 1295-1305. The Staniszcze’s woods reach in game constituted then the favourite hunting place of Dukes from Opole and Racibórz. In the middle of XV century the clearing forests was intensified. The development of the settlement occurred and as a result two localities were separated – the first document referring to the existence of Staniszcze Wielkie and Staniszcze Małe comes from the year 1519.
The original name “Staniczche” comes from the word “stan” – it means tent, place of stopping, standing. In small “stanie” people hunting for forest animals probably were eating breakfast, and in large “stanie”  - dinner. As the chronicler Felix Triest mentions, inhabitants of the settlement were obliged to provide food for travelling masters. In Staniszcze Wielkie longer stopping was to be done. There were stables for 150 horses and rooms for nets and hunting equipment.
From the year 1650, the owners of Strzelce’s land – Colonna family, built a hunting castle by present Market Square in Staniszcze Wielkie. In years 1753-1754 Norbert Colonna endowed Staniszcze a chapel that at first was served by priests from Szczedrzyk. It became a beginning of independent parish existence. A wooden small church developed on the basis of chapel burnt down in 1881, in years 1883-1884 a new church was built with a neogothic spire. It serves today members of the St. Borromeus Church.
Staniszcze areas were famous for bee-keeping and big apiaries. In 1802 local farmers possessed as much as 287 beehives. At that time they had to, within the framework of serfdom, give over to Strzelce’s lords half tonnes of bee honey a year. In 1800 in Staniszcze Wielkie, the first school within present commune of Kolonowskie was opened, and in 1915 monastic sisters from the Blessed Virgin Mary convent were brought in. Currently, they live in nunnery by Market Square.
Staniszcze Wielkie does not possess larger production plants, there conduct their business activity, however, several craftsmen. There is still kindergarten in this place. On the basis of parish of the St. Charles Borromeus Church, parish Caritas conducts its activity. In the country function: very well organized fire brigade, Family Kolping Association, a group of German Minority, football club and Group of the Country Renewal.

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