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Commune localities:

History of Kolonowskie is strictly connected with metallurgy development. The year 1780 is accepted to be the date of foundation, when on the river Brzyniczka that is a right tributary of Mała Panew river, a great blast furnace was built. Around the plant the settlement was established that grouped four colonists, four households and 24 residential buildings for clerks and workmen and in year 1797 it adopted a name Colonnowska – from the name of its founder, Strzelce’s property owner, earl Filip Colonna.
Especially intensive development of colonization occurred on these grounds in XIX century – as result Kolonowskie acquired growing importance. In year 1921 the last metallurgy plant was closed. From year 1973, when the territory of locality was increased by housing estate Fosowskie, Kolonowskie received civic rights.
Speaking about current administrative shape of town, we have to remember that in awareness of inhabitants there is still a clearly distinction between Kolonowskie and Fosowskie. It results not only from habit, but also many objective considerations. Fosowskie possesses own primary school with pre-school branch. It is also important that members of the Catholic Church belong to parish StaniszczeWielkie, while Kolonowskie (in borders before year 1973) from year 1942 has its own separate Roman-Catholic parish.
Quite apart from all of that, housing estates in whole commune, maybe except for the smallest village Spórok and area Granica, have close structure, making to some extent an island among the forest. It is possible to imagine then, that in the future the commune can become one integral body, certainly functioning on different terms than former Staniszcze, that covered an area from present-day StaniszczeMałe outside Kolonowskie, and from the north almost reached Myślina (Dobrodzień Commune).
Kolonowskie town constitutes today administrative centre of commune. Besides that it fulfills other service functions with wider meaning –here is among others: a health centre, the largest quantity of stores and workshops. In Kolonowskie is located Communal Public Library and also the seat of communal secondary school. There is also primary school, public kindergarten, the Municipal-Communal Centre of Culture and Sport connected with playing field, a spectacular-sports hall and high quality restaurant.
Catholic parish of Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a centre that grouping members of the church. The first herald of becoming independent from parish in Staniszcze Wielkie was consecration of chapel-hut in Kolonowskie on 01.11.1933. Kolonowskie became localia in year 1942 and new-built church from year 1954 distinguish itself by architecture that is rarely found in Opole’s Silesia. Several social organizations run their activities by parish.


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