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17 June 2011


“You praise someone else’s, you do not know what you have !” this Old Polish proverb was confirmed on 15th June , when 29 members of Local Group PZERiI in Kolonowskie at 3 p.m. met at the entrance to JuraPark in Krasiejów.

Hygienically and healthily – the majority of the members, irrespective of age, arrived on bicycles, the more that the weather favored to do so.

We started from the cinema of emotions – Cinema 5D – that was it ! From the five-dimension image, motor, tactile and aromatic experiences, adrenaline rose. Fortunately, there were no unpleasant consequences, that was proven by burning cheeks and smiles on faces after the completion of the projection.

Later was the Time Tunnel – a multimedia tour of “time capsule” through the history of our planet from the “Big Bang” to the Triassic period. This ride was an evident proof that pensioners did not stand in place, but they are still receptive of knowledge.

In the Paleontological Pavilion we were admiring the fossils of reptiles and amphibians. Some of us could not get over the surprise that they live so close, but about such miracles had no idea.

A walk of 1,5 km educational path also added many impressions. It is nothing that knee snapped, hip hurt. In confrontation with that what was seen along the way, it was of no importance.

A walk was slowly coming to an end. We stopped at a small catering. Each of the participants after intellectual and visual feast could satisfy their taste needs. 

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